This translation of  ĎAtma-Siddhi?consists of sentences; each sentence consists of words; each word consists of letters; and each letter is made up of ink. From the real stand-point view, the maker or the doer of the writing of the translation is therefore the ink. The thought activities of my soul and the movements of rolex replica the hands were only present when the script of translation came into existence and as such they are its auxillary cause. The thought and belief underlying the translation are also the thought of the Spiritual Master, the author of  ĎAtma-Siddhi?and other Spiritual Masters of all the  times. The belief has existed from from beginningless time and will continue to exist for all the times to come. Only its expression in words and outward form differs. Accordingly, I cannot be the maker of the translation from the real stand-point view, though from the practical stand-point view it is said that I have made this translation. 

The modifications of the attributes of my soul are not pure as they should be. May the fruit of rolex replica this translation of  ĎAtma-Siddhi?which describes and brings out the absolute purity of the soul in the form of a dialogue on the six aphorisms, lead to their further purification and my liberation. May it also lead to the attainment of self-realisation and ultimately the liberation of the aspirants of self-realisation who study it with reverence. 

The reader will find at few places in the translation some words bracketed for the purpose of explaining or making the meaning more clear. Except this, the translation is literal as far as possible and it is without any deviation from the meaning and sense which the Spiritual Master, the author of the book, thought and conveyed in the original. 
 Mumbai:                                                                                                   Shri D C.Mehta