Knowledge of self, equanimity (i.e.equanimous feeling at the pairs, such as friend or foe, pain or pleasure),wordly living due to the operation of past Karmas* unique speech (i.e.speech full of theories never heard before and marked with truth and inner conviction), knowledge of true scriptures-these are the qualities worth of true Guru.
[Karmas: There are two aspects of Karmas:- (1) Bhav Karma,or subjective Karmas,which are the thought activities of the soul, (2) Dravya Karmas or objective Karmas which are the matter substances or molecules which flow into the bind soul. From the practical stand point view, the Bhav Karmas are the auxiliary or associating cause for the Dravya Karmas and the operation of Dravya Karmas is the auxiliary or associating cause for the Bhav Karmas. This should be understood in its proper perspective].